Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from patients

Remote patient monitoring is a technology to collect physiological data to enable monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings, such as in the home or in a remote area.

This data is used by the patient’s healthcare provider to better manage chronic conditions which may improve patient’s health outcomes and decrease healthcare costs.

Remote monitoring technologies collect, analyze and securely transmit vital patient information to health care providers (even hundreds of miles away), allowing physicians to manage a patient's condition in a more consistent and real-time fashion.

This technology can not only improve the quality of care given to you by your doctor, but it also reduces the need for frequent visits to the doctor's office, costly emergency room visits, and unnecessary hospitalizations.

The health data provides a more complete picture of your health over time providing better insight into trends and alerting the doctor when intervention is required.

Patients can access their data via an App on a mobile phone and via the StreamVitals website. The Doctor and the StreamVitals Care team will also see the data and will be reviewing the results with each patient on a monthly basis. 

Patients can also choose who else to share their data with, e.g. family, other Doctors.

The Doctor will have a more complete picture of the patient’s health over time providing better insight into trends and triggering alerts when intervention is required.

The patient owns the data and by participating in this program they consent to the data being collected by StreamVitals for use by the Care Coordinator and the Doctor.

Yes we operate according to HIPAA regulations and all sensitive patient data is protected.

Remote patient monitoring is a Federally funded program aimed at improving healthcare for those age 65+ and on Medicare. The cost to the patient depends on the health plan the patient has contracted for insurance. Certainly the service is approved by Medicare so most health insurance companies will pay for some portion of the service. You must check with your individual health plan to understand your coverage for the service.

You will need to consent to join the program – this can be done over the phone or online. Once you receive the device we will call you to walk you through the setup and confirm it is working for you. Most patients will find it simple and easy to use.