Our Devices

Easy One Touch Measurement

Our Remote patient monitoring devices and platform are designed for ease of use. They combine state of the art medical grade measurement capabilities combined with telco-grade cellular communications. These features make it easy for your patients to unbox devices and start using the devices straight away.

  • One touch measurements
  • Large displays specifically designed for Medicare patients in mind
  • Instant upload of data to a HIPAA secure portal for physicians to analyze
OUR Devices

Advanced One Touch
Measuring Devices with 3/4g
Cellular Connectivity

Easy setup with no difficult wifi connections. Just unbox, take a reading and it will automatically send to the physician.


Highly Accurate Glucometer

  • FDA Approved
  • LCD Backlight
  • Strip Ejection
  • Strip Guiding Light

Blood Pressure

Medical Grade BP monitor

  • FDA Approved
  • Cellular Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Extra Large LCD display
  • Clinically Validated Smart BPM


Advanced Weight Scales

  • Reinforced with 8mm Thick Tempered Glass
  • Non-Slip Platform Surface
  • 250kg Capacity