Why is RPM becoming so popular with Doctors and Patients?

Why is RPM becoming so popular with Doctors and Patients?

As healthcare technology continues to improve, telehealth and remote patient monitoring (“RPM”) are becoming popular with many clinicians and their patients. RPM is a method of healthcare delivery that uses the latest advances in digital technology to gather patient data between in person provider visits. RPM allows providers to track healthcare data for a patient once they are released home, reducing inpatient readmission rates and outpatient visits.

RPM uses technology that makes patients feel comfortable with managing their own health, which leads to better patient engagement, ultimately improving their care. Clinicians are also better equipped to manage their patients’ health with RPM as they have a constant stream of data providing a clearer picture of the patient’s health. RPM enables practitioners to know what is actually occurring with their patients on a daily basis and the continuous tracking of patient’s symptoms allows early intervention, before any problems become acute.

Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring are playing an important role during the public health emergency (PHE), and CMS is exploring how these services can be expanded beyond the PHE to provide care for Medicare beneficiaries. Already, CMS, in their 2022 Proposed Physician Fee Schedule, has introduced an expansion of remote monitoring to include Remote Therapeutic Monitoring, scheduled for a January 2022 rollout.

For practices that have already established RPM programs or those that are thinking about launching a program, consider these key elements in order to stay on the right side of CMS & the Office of the Inspector General (OIG):

-Number of Measurement Days
-Interactive Communications
-Coding Rules
-Anti-Kickback Statute & Stark

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